Hello! Welcome to my website! My name is Paula Franklin and I have been shopping and delivering groceries for many years. Would you like to be able to spend more time with your family? Are you an elderly person who can’t get out? Have you had surgery recently and can’t get out? Or do you just not like to grocery shop? Would you like me to take some of the stress off of you? I can help you with that!!! These are some of the reasons you should use me as your shopper: You will only get me as your shopper, nobody else. There are no membership fees associated with my service.


Paula has been my shopper for 2 years. She goes above and beyond with my groceries. She brings the groceries in and puts them up for me. She has been a lifesaver for me! M.W.

Paula is a great shopper. She is quick, accurate, and does a great job. I would recommend her to all of my friends. She is very trustworthy too! C.S.

Paula has shopped and delivered for me many times. She is true to her word when she will deliver your groceries. B.D.


Licensed and Bonded



15-18 item minimum